Secret of slate

Welcome to the region where 

the slate heart beats

The town of Odry is located on the edge of an area we call the Land of Slate. It is an area where historically slate used to be mined, and then processed into roofing tiles. Just as slate gradually disappears from the rooftops, so does the knowledge of slate processing and industry. Yet, in the 19th century, slate was as important for this region as coal was for the Ostrava region in the 20th century. Therefore, we would like to invite you to Odry to commemorate the past glory of slate. Join us to discover

Secret of Slate !

What can you expect?

Slate Processing Workshop

You will learn how to use historic shears that were used to make roofing.

Guided tours of the Flaschar's Mine

A mine from the end of the 19th century where slate was mined. You will visit a total of 450 m of mine corridors and climb 18 m on a ladder.

Thematic exhibitions

You will get to know the historical underground, the life of bats, geological sites, national geoparks in the Czech Republic and other attractions.

Workshops for children

Not only adults, but also children will find fun here. They will paint on a slate, play games or perhaps color and build their own volcano.

Explore the surroundings

You will find not only many caches, but also tourist attractions around the Odry.

Windmill in Spálov

The smallest windmill in the Czech Republic is located near the Odry in the village of Spálov. It was built just before the Second World War.

Wesselsky water mill

In Loučky, a local part of the Odry, a water mill has been preserved to this day, including a water wheel, internal equipment and outbuildings.

Lookout tower Veselí

There is a watchtower in the Odry emblem. The historic one no longer stands today, but instead we have two new lookout towers on Veselí and Pohoř.

We look forward to your visit

Skalní sklepy, Odry, 742 35

GPS: N 49°39.720', E 17°49.142'